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Can you optimize your performance? Do you work better when you are motivated? How do you ensure that you build to the full capacity of your organisation?

Faster and faster, more with less, better results than last year, more more more. Do you recognise these demands from todays business life?

Can you influence your own capacity? Are there ways to stay motivated longer and more often?

Is there a higher capacity you can achieve from yourself and/or the organisation? Does more work create more stress, or are more challenges a sources of true motivation?

This presentation will reveal some insights on what creates performance, why you work much better when you are motivated and how you can optimize your way of working to ensure a higher output with less stress. Does it sound relevant to you? We promise an insightful afternoon, combining some fun with insights and practical tools that you can start using tomorrow.

Light dinner and drinks will be served.


  • Peter Lysell (Managing Director of Feedbackonline Ltd)

    Peter Lysell

    Managing Director of Feedbackonline Ltd

    PeterLysellPeter Lysell is the Managing Director at FeedbackOnline, with extensive experience in management consulting. After 10 years as part of the management team at one of Akzo Nobel SBU’s, Peter has over the last 15 years, been working as a consultant. He has successfully carried out work in more than 20 different countries including; China, Dubai, USA, Holland, Check Republic, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Based on the fundamental belief that organizations grow if the people within the organization get the chance to grow, Peter has supported leadership development and organizational change processes in a large variety of industries, including university environments.

    About FeedbackOnline

    FeedbackOnline supports organisations in both introducing a more active feedback culture and in the development of people, in order to give and receive enabling feedback. An important part of this process is the FeedbackOnline® web-based 360 degree tool, which measures employee performance (mostly in a management role) on a variety of parameters.

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