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In 2017, the Sustainability Committee of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce started a project aimed at understanding and improving the situation in Hong Kong with regards to plastic waste. The project was motivated by a sense that all of us as residents and businesspeople in Hong Kong can do more to keep our city greener. Simple statistics, such as the 5.2 million plastic bottles discarded every day by Hong Kongers (that is almost 2 billion bottles per year!), illustrate the seriousness of the situation. As the committee dug deeper, it soon became apparent that this is a major global issue where Hong Kong plays a not insignificant role.

The Seminar

The evening will start with opening remarks by Mrs. Vicki Kwok, Deputy Director of Environmental Protection Department in Hong Kong, and by Mrs. Helena Storm, Consul General of Sweden. A few words about the plastic pledge from The Sustainability committee of Swedcham will kick off the panel diskussion with Moon Kim, Cleantech Venture Partner at Spring Capital Asia, Eric Swinton, Founder of V Cycle, Dana Winograd, Director – Operations at Plastic Free Seas and Dr. Steve Wong, Managing Director at Executive President, China Scrap Plastics Association and Fukutomi Company Ltd. The panel will be moderated by Alexander Mastrovito, Chair of the SwedCham Sustainability Committee.

Drinks and Sustainable Snack will be served. The sustainable Snack is sponsored by WHAT'sIN FRUITBOX, -a company delivering fresh organic fruits, using only eco-friendly packaging

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  • Helena Storm (Consul General of Sweden in Hong Kong)

    Helena Storm

    Consul General of Sweden in Hong Kong

  • Vicki Kwok (Deputy Director of The Environmental Protection Department Hong Kong Government)

    Vicki Kwok

    Deputy Director of The Environmental Protection Department Hong Kong Government


    Mrs. Vicki Kwok joined the Government in 1994 and has since served in different bureaux and departments. She has been Deputy Director of the Environmental Protection Department since 2016 to oversee the formulation and implementation of policies on nature conservation, waste reduction and recycling, as well as planning and management of environmental infrastructure.

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  • Moonkyung (Moon) Kim (Cleantech Venture partner at Spring Capital Asia)

    Moonkyung (Moon) Kim

    Cleantech Venture partner at Spring Capital Asia

    Cleantech Venture partner at Spring Capital Asia, Special Committee Chair, Governance & Nominating Committee Chair, Audit Committee Member at China Hydrielectric Coporation, Senior Advisor at SOW Asia Foundation and Managing Director at Peony Investments.

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  • Eric Swinton (Founder of V Cycle)

    Eric Swinton

    Founder of V Cycle

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  • Dana Winograd (Director - Operations of Plastic Free Seas)

    Dana Winograd

    Director - Operations of Plastic Free Seas

  • Steve Wong (Executive President at China Scrap Plastics Association)

    Steve Wong

    Executive President at China Scrap Plastics Association

    FMBA (Hon), C. Mgr, D.Mgr, PhD (Hon)
    Managing Director, Fukutomi Company Ltd.
    Executive President, China Scrap Plastics Association

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  • Alexander Mastrovito (Chair at SwedCham Sustainability Committee)

    Alexander Mastrovito

    Chair at SwedCham Sustainability Committee




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