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Welcome to a Breakfast seminar about the current markets in Vietnam and the Philippines!

The event will include a presentation by Business Sweden's country managers in Vietnam and the Philippines as well as a practical case by Johan Bygge, Chairman of EQT Asia Pacific.

Walk away with:

  • Understanding of what's driving growth in Vietnam and Philippines, two of ASEAN's fastest growing markets
  • Insight into the opportunities for Swedish companies in Vietnam & Philippines, with a special focus on:

  1. Taking advantage of the manufacturing boom in Vietnam
  2. Getting a share in Vietnam's and Philippine's ambitious infrastructure plans
  3. In what direction is the manufacturing industry in the Philippines going, and how to capture opportunities


  • Johan Bygge (Chairman at EQT Partners Asia Ltd)

    Johan Bygge

    Chairman at EQT Partners Asia Ltd

  • Björn Savlid (Country Manager (Vietnam) at Business Sweden)

    Björn Savlid

    Country Manager (Vietnam) at Business Sweden

  • Ulf Wennblom (Country Manager (Philippines) at Business Sweden)

    Ulf Wennblom

    Country Manager (Philippines) at Business Sweden


Standard Price HKD 120
Standard Price HKD 170