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Make Your Move -event is organized by FinnCham's Women in Business Committee and co-hosted by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. This event's main aim is to encourage women to use their full potential and build a career that is meaningful for them.

We have four amazing speakers with different backgrounds from Hong Kong's business world. You can learn about practical topics, like work-life balance, work well-being, how to exceed yourself and reach your business goals.

Join us and hear our speaker's personal stories about work life and how to make the best of it.


  • Lukas Duczko (Founder of Scrive)

    Lukas Duczko

    Founder of Scrive

    Lukas Duczko is the Founder of Scrive, the company which has created a technology that allows people and companies to sign contracts digitally instead of sending paper back and forth. At the moment Lukas is taking a year off from Scrive to travel and figure out what he wants to do next. In Hong Kong, he has been organizing the HK Tech Meetup, a monthly meetup that gathers Hong Kong’s tech and startup community together.

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  • Riitta Hänninen (Senior Event Director of RacingThePlanet)

    Riitta Hänninen

    Senior Event Director of RacingThePlanet

    Riitta has over 12 years of experience in global events management. She joined RacingThePlanet, a company that organizes 250 kilometers, 7-day footraces in some of the most stunning and remote parts of the world in 2010 and has since managed over 30 ultramarathon events on all continents including Antarctica.

    Riitta Hanninen’s passion for the great outdoors can be traced back to her childhood in the pristine environment of Finland. Thousands of lakes and vast forests lying just beyond her doorstep inspired a life of sports and a love of the outdoors. After graduating with a degree in Tourism and Event Management from Jyvaskyla University of Applied Sciences, Riitta moved to Asia to pursue a career in international business and event management. She worked in corporate events for four years before moving into sports event management.

    A resident of Hong Kong since 2004, Riitta has competed in numerous trail-running and action sports races around Asia with a number of podium finishes. She has also competed in many dragon boats, outrigger canoe and surf ski races.

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  • Marie Swarbreck (Founder of FLEXImums)

    Marie Swarbreck

    Founder of FLEXImums

    FLEXImums is a recruitment and coaching consultancy company, focused on empowering women and Hong Kong corporations to strive for gender equity and work-life balance. Before devoting her time to FLEXImums, Marie started her career as an International Correspondent with the South China Morning Post, International Herald Tribune & The Asahi Shimbun meeting business leaders across Asia, Middle East, Europe and Canada. Driven by building relationships and connecting people, Marie went on building her network as the Communications & Business Development Manager at a leading Lingerie and Swimwear trade fair.

    Driven by building relationships and connecting people, Marie went on building her network as the Communications & Business Development Manager at a leading Lingerie and Swimwear trade fair organizer with shows in Paris, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. She studied in Belgium, France, and the USA specializing in Communications, Events and International Business Management.

    After her daughter Arabelle was born in Hong Kong during 2014, she found herself in need of flexible yet challenging work and little to no options to choose from. In between juggling a few jobs and raising Arabelle, Marie realised many parents in Hong Kong are talented professionals who would jump at the opportunity to work a flexible yet fulfilling job and a better work-life balance. This was the beginning of a new adventure, the birth of FLEXImums.

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  • Tuula Vartiainen (Managing Director of Salli China and Hong Kong)

    Tuula Vartiainen

    Managing Director of Salli China and Hong Kong

    Salli Systems is Finnish company manufacturing ergonomic saddle chairs. Tuula overseas the factory in Shenzhen as in charge of all APAC export sales. Salli company is not just about chairs, we promote overall healthy lifestyle choices which sitting ergonomics is part of. Come and learn more about what you can do to gain more energy and be more productive both at home and in the office.

    Read more about the company here: www.salli.com

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