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SwedCham and SWEA Hong Kong are inviting you to a webinar about Guardianship in Hong Kong. Our speakers Usha Casewell and Lisa Wong, both Partners at law firm Boase Cohen & Collins, will go through important questions to consider for families living in Hong Kong. The presentation will last approximately 30 minutes, and will be followed by Q&A, moderated by our Chairman, Kristian Odebjer, Lawyer at Odebjer Fohlin Associates.

The event is free to attend and will be held over Zoom.


1 Guardian Concept

· What is a guardian?

· Why is the concept relevant to a family living in HK?

· What happens in a situation where parents are unable to look after children if parents have not appointed a guardian?

2 Appointment of guardian

· How is a guardian appointed?

· Temporary guardian vs. Permanent guardian

· Can appointment be revoked?

3 Practical considerations

· Pros and cons with use of standard forms

· Discussion about best practices

4 Q&A


  • Usha Casewell (Partner at Boase Cohen & Collins)

    Usha Casewell

    Partner at Boase Cohen & Collins

    Usha has been a Partner in Boase Cohen & Collins since 2001 and heads the firm’s Family Law practice. Amid her varied workload, she is currently handling a number of child-related litigation cases. Usha is a longstanding committee member of the Hong Kong Family Law Association and is currently Deputy Secretary, having served as Chairman from 2013-16. Also, she has been a committee member of the Hong Kong Collaborative Practice Group since 2010.

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  • Lisa Wong (Partner at Boase Cohen & Collins)

    Lisa Wong

    Partner at Boase Cohen & Collins

    In 2008 Lisa joined Boase Cohen & Collins as a Trainee Solicitor, becoming an Associate in 2010 and a Partner in 2014. An accredited mediator, Lisa is devoted to helping divorce couples resolve their differences and make future arrangements amicably, which has led to her becoming a Committee Member of the Hong Kong Collaborative Practice Group, which she currently serves as Treasurer. In addition, she is Secretary of the Hong Kong Family Law Association.

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  • Kristian Odebjer (Lawyer at Odebjer Fohlin Associates)

    Kristian Odebjer

    Lawyer at Odebjer Fohlin Associates