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According to Forbes magazine, our minds make a thousand computations about someone within the first seven seconds of meeting them. Are they trustworthy, confident, likeable, or competent? Research suggests a decision has already been made within seven seconds, before you have even greeted the person. 

This two-part course offers you the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Personal Branding and Professional Imaging from award-winning strategic people consultant Elsie Yung (Elsyung Consulting). During the two classes (1,5 hours x 2), the following topics will be covered:

- The importance of Personal Branding and Professional Image 

- Defining yourself 

- How to create an impact through positive mindsets and behaviors 

- Elevate an image to impress others


Member price (SwedCham Hong Kong): HKD 600 for two sessions

Non-member price: HKD 700 for two sessions

Only session 1 (April 12th): HKD 400


What: Personal Branding training

When: 12th and 19th of April, 16:00-17:30

Where: SwedCham office, Wan Chai

The course has a minimum number of participants of 6 students and a maximum number of 12. A full refund is guaranteed if there are fewer than 6 signing up.

Elsyung Consulting

Elsie is a seasoned strategic Human Resources professional, qualified Colour Consultant and Speaker with more than 25 years of professional experience gained from multinational companies working across Asia, Australia and UK.

Elsie specializes in providing tailored Human Resources consultancy and development solutions for organizations, teams and individuals within areas on global mindset & cross-cultural intelligence, global leadership, diversity and inclusion, cultural awareness and business etiquette. She also focuses on increasing self-awareness and individual effectiveness through a process of learning about the strengths and how to bring out those elements on building self-confidence. On the branding aspect, she supports leaders on how to manage the organization and individual brands to elevate business effectiveness and results.


Elsie Yung (Founder and DIrector of Elsyung Consulting Limited)

Elsie Yung

Founder and DIrector of Elsyung Consulting Limited

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Member Ticket

Ticket for 2 sessions

Member PriceHKD 600.-

Non-member Ticket

Ticket for 2 sessions

Public PriceHKD 700.-

Ticket - first session

Ticket for session 1 (April 12th)

Public PriceHKD 400.-