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We all have our own definition on what sustainability really is. What is sustainable for me might not be it for you and the other way around. If a company reduce the amount of water when they produce clothes – does that mean they are sustainable? What if they do not care about the factories or the distribution?

How much of the responsibility should we put on the fashion brands? And how much is it we, as consumers, who should take responsibility?

Welcome to this SwedTALK with several leading profiles from Sweden and Hong Kong talking about sustainable fashion. We will cover questions from production, to retail, to the consumer perspective, so that we get an overall understanding on how complex this is, and how we as individuals can be part of making this world a better place.

You will meet experts from a variety of industries, and hear their stories and insights. Among the topics which will be discussed:

  • What does sustainability actually mean? Is anything around us really sustainable?
  • Greenwashing…how common is it? And how can we make sure we are not being cheated?
  • Conscious consumption – how can we all reduce the climate impact?
  • Collaboration and transparency to create new circular business models
  • The future of Sustainability – is the responsibility only on the fashion industry or do we as consumers need to take a bigger part of this?

This free webinar is a part of a bigger series on Sustainable Fashion organised by SwedCham HK and the Consulate-General of Sweden in Hong Kong and Macao. To learn more about the project or be further inspired, please visit the main hub HERE


  • Sonalie Figueiras (Founder & CEO of Green Queen & Ekowarehouse)

    Sonalie Figueiras

    Founder & CEO of Green Queen & Ekowarehouse

    Serial social entrepreneur Sonalie Figueiras is the founder & editor-in-chief of Green Queen, an award-winning impact media platform advocating for social & environmental change in Hong Kong with a mission to shift consumer behaviour through inspiring & empowering original content.

    She is also the founder & CEO of Ekowarehouse, the global sourcing platform for certified organic products, with a mission to make safe, quality food accessible & affordable for the whole planet. With over a decade of experience in publishing, digital marketing, organic trade and health & sustainability, she is an eco wellness industry veteran with a keen eye for market trends and a sought-after international speaker and moderator, sharing her expertise on stages across Asia and beyond, including TEDx and Harvard Business School.

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  • Alyssa Berggren博善育 (Senior Manager – Shared Value, New World Development COO, G For Good Co-Founder & COO, OnBoard For Good)

    Alyssa Berggren博善育

    Senior Manager – Shared Value, New World Development COO, G For Good Co-Founder & COO, OnBoard For Good

    Alyssa Berggren is the Senior Manager at Shared Value Department, New World Development (NWD). Prior to her role in G For Good, Alyssa has accumulated over 9 years of experience in the management and strategic planning of local and international non-profit organizations and social enterprises, including Green Monday and UNICEF.

    Throughout her journey in managing different organizations to make social impact, Alyssa has rich experience in Creating Shared Value (CSV) – to maintain the sweet spot between social impact and financial sustainability.

    With her experience and expertise, Alyssa is currently incubating different social innovation projects with CSV elements and grooming a next generation of social innovators in her role as Chief Operating Officer of G For Good.

    Alyssa is also a speaker, judge and/or mentor for different organizations, including United Nations, Google, Facebook, Oxford University and University of Hong Kong.

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  • Anders Ankarlid (CEO & Founder of A good company)

    Anders Ankarlid

    CEO & Founder of A good company

    Anders Ankarlid is the Founder & CEO of the Swedish sustainable & social impact startup A Good Company, launched in February 2019.

    Most recently a management consultant working within eCommerce for many years, Anders has also launched and sold several ventures in the past. First-hand encounters with the devastating effects of climate-change inspired him to quit the management consultancy in November 2018 and instead launch A Good Company which designs, produces and sells sustainable everyday products like the Stone paper Notebook and journal, bamboo toothbrush and natural grass pen.

    Earlier this year, Anders also launched A Good Foundation, a platform set up to support sustainability efforts in communities across the globe. A Good Company donates 4% of all its sales to the foundation.

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  • Caroline Briggert (Social & Environmental Sustainability at Hop Lun (HK) Limited)

    Caroline Briggert

    Social & Environmental Sustainability at Hop Lun (HK) Limited

    Caroline Briggert heads up social and environmental sustainability at Hop Lun, a leading lingerie and swimwear manufacturing group. Ms. Briggert previously worked as Director Citizenship, Policy and Engagement at Mattel, one of the world’s leading toy companies.

    Before that, she lead the stakeholder engagement work at DJI, the world’s largest manufacturer of drones, where she developed partnerships with UN agencies and other international organizations to solve various humanitarian and environmental challenges using drone technology.

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  • Jessica Cederberg Wodmar (Global Sustainability Director of GANT)

    Jessica Cederberg Wodmar

    Global Sustainability Director of GANT

    Jessica Cederberg Wodmar joined GANT in 2015 and is currently the Global Sustainability Director. Jessica leads the sustainability department and is responsible for GANT’s sustainability
    strategy and execution, ensuring GANT is meeting the sustainability targets throughout the organization and operations.

    With over 30 years of knowledge within the field from the state, municipal, private and voluntary sectors nationally and internationally, Jessica is an award-winning and experienced public speaker, having given more than 600 lectures. Aside from working at GANT, she is the
    author of three books – all treating sustainability from different angles. In addition, Jessica had a weekly podcast for three years – where
    she interviewed people from different business areas to give their views on business-critical sustainability. She also holds several positions in boards – from startups to enterprises.

    A Swedish native, Jessica is currently based in Stockholm. She holds a degree in journalism and is passionate about clothes – taught by her grandmother who was a dressmaker. She is known for dispelling myths regarding sustainability and being a positive force within a complex field

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  • Toby Crispy (Founder of Fashion Clinic)

    Toby Crispy

    Founder of Fashion Clinic

    Founder and creative director of upcycling fashion label LastbutnotLeast. Toby has worked in different sectors in the fashion field ranging from magazine editor to designer, she worked as a design manager at French label Agnes b. before launching LastbutnotLeast. Since 2013, Toby has been focusing on redesigning fashion service & textile art, running exhibitions, workshops and events with various fashion brands, corporate, shopping malls and green groups, in order to reconnect the relationship between the clothing and the wearers.

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  • Carman Lai (Project Manager for Making Zero Impact Fashionable at WWF Hong Kong)

    Carman Lai

    Project Manager for Making Zero Impact Fashionable at WWF Hong Kong

    MZIF is a project aims at promoting and educating the industry and public on fashion sustainability through, leadership engagement, low carbon manufacturing supply chain, sustainable innovation dialogues and responsible consumption.

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  • Harsha Vardhan (Global Environmental Manager at H&M Group)

    Harsha Vardhan

    Global Environmental Manager at H&M Group

    Harsha’s journey with fashion sustainability started more than two decades ago. He is one of the pioneers of bringing sustainable materials and circularity concepts into high street fashion. Over the years, Harsha has managed several global projects related to environment topics within the textile supply chain, energy management and climate change, sustainable materials, cleaner production and sustainable innovation.

    Harsha is currently based in Hong Kong and heads the global environment team for H&M Group. As part of this responsibility, he works closely with business functions, supply chains in different production countries, as well as external stakeholders within and outside the fashion industry.

    Harsha has a Bachelor’s degree in Textile Technology from India and holds a Master of Science in Environment Management and Policy from Lund University, Sweden.

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