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We are living in a challenging world and the fashion industry needs to take its responsibility. The demand for alternative, sustainable fabrics in the fashion industry is growing quickly. During this SwedTALK several leading experts on sustainable fabrics will discuss the present and the future. What can we expect? And which are the big threats? Here are some of the questions to be discussed:

  • What are the trends within innovative sustainable materials?
  • From textile to techstyle. Or should we talk about compostable clothes?
  • From a Sustainable industry to a Sustainable society. What is the role and the responsibility of the fashion industry?
  • How will the biological revolution transform value chains, change society and potentially mitigate pressure on the environment?
  • How do we create cleaner and more efficient processes in the supply chain?
  • How to adapt and thrive in times of crisis?
  • Can the current crisis due to corona virus lead to a more sharing and open business environment with regards to sustainable materials and components supply?
  • How can we become better at sharing ideas, research and innovations?

Who should attend?

  • Fashion industry professionals
  • People interested in hearing the latest news on sustainable fashion

Please note that this SwedTALK is produced for industry professionals – so it might be quite technical.

This free webinar is a part of a bigger series on Sustainable Fashion organised by SwedCham HK and the Consulate-General of Sweden in Hong Kong and Macao. To learn more about the project or be further inspired, please visit the main hub HERE


  • Rebecka Lundin (Multi Entrepreneur & Soucing Manager)

    Rebecka Lundin

    Multi Entrepreneur & Soucing Manager

    Rebecka Lundin is an industry expert with over 20 years of experience in the Fashion Industry, working in Design, Product Development, Sourcing and Technical specification across the Globe.

    Rebecka’s career has involved working for major Retail operation, Brands, Suppliers and Factories, and currently, she is working as a Global Sourcing Manager for Gant, based in Hong Kong.

    Originally from Sweden, she has lived in places such as London, India, Mainland China and Hong Kong.

    In her spare time, Rebecka is also a successful Entrepreneur, running a few companies such as Chinese Whisper and Swedish’s Handmade Bodycare.

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  • Peter Bäckström (Global Change Award at H&M Foundation)

    Peter Bäckström

    Global Change Award at H&M Foundation

    Peter Bäckström is the Innovation Lead for H&M Foundation and responsible for the Global Change Award – the world’s leading innovation challenge for solutions within sustainable fashion.

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  • Jenny Fredricsdotter (Business Manager at Re:newcell)

    Jenny Fredricsdotter

    Business Manager at Re:newcell

    Jenny Fredricsdotter has over twenty years of experience from the fashion industry working with buying, production and sourcing for companies like H&M and Gina Tricot, in Europe and Asia. Jenny studied Textile Economics at the Textile Collegue of Fashion in Borås, Sweden and has taken several courses on fashion sustainability, circular economy and mindful consumption.

    Jenny has been working with sustainability related questions for more than 10 years and joined re:newcell in 2017, working towards closing the loop in fashion industry

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  • Edwin Keh (CEO of HKRITA)

    Edwin Keh


    Edwin is the CEO of the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textile and Apparel (HKRITA). He is also on Faculty at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. He teaches supply chain operations.

    Until April 2010 Edwin was the SVP COO of Walmart Global Procurement. Prior to Walmart Edwin managed a consulting group that worked on supply chain, manufacturing, and product design for NGOs, charities, as well as commercial clients.Edwin managed sourcing at Payless Shoes, Donna Karan International, Country Road Australia, Abercrombie & Fitch and Structure stores. Prior to graduate school he worked for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

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  • Walden Lam (Chief Hustle & Co-Founder of Unspun)

    Walden Lam

    Chief Hustle & Co-Founder of Unspun

    Walden is a cofounder and the chief hustler at unspun, an on-demand fashion technology start-up. He grew up in Hong Kong and has operating, investment and strategy experience in e-commerce, retail & fashion with lululemon, IDEO, GGV capital, Goldman Sachs, OC&C Strategy Consultants. he has an MBA from Stanford.

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  • Åsa Östlund (Program Manager for the research program Mistra Future Fashion at RLSE)

    Åsa Östlund

    Program Manager for the research program Mistra Future Fashion at RLSE

    Åsa Östlund contributes to the circular material transition, mainly through projects in sustainable fashion and textile recycling, but also as SVI leader for both Textile 2020 and Material Refinery 2020.

    She has acted as project manager (CelluNova, ForTex, ReMix I), researcher in cellulose-based textiles (within Advanced), as Dep. Program Director for Mistra Future Fashion 2011-2019, and as Action Chair for COST Action FP1205 “Innovative applications of regenerated wood cellulose fibers” (2013-2017). Åsa has a PhD (2009, Chalmers) in NMR methods for polysaccharides.

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