Being a leader has never been more challenging than it is today. With a pandemic going on, employees working from anywhere and with constant change around us. How are others coping with all challenges, and which tools can you use yourself to develop your leadership skills?

Welcome to join this tailor-made leadership course with Peter Lysell from Sharing Insight. You will during 3 sessions get valuable knowledge and inspiration on how to develop your leadership so that fits into the world we are now living in. The world around us is changing and we will need to change as well to adapt to the new future. A leadership assessment is also included in the course.

Maximum: 16 participants

Leadership sessions

October 12th – 13-16.30

Session 1 Leading yourself and others

· Why do we do what we do?

· What creates motivation and drive?

· The three leadership agendas: Logic, Behaviours and Emotions

· Leading yourself - a key to leading others

· Personality traits as a strength

· Practical tools

October 22nd – 13-17

Session 2 Leading in an intercultural context

· Interpretation of leadership from different cultural perspectives

· Effective questioning technique and impact on result

· Motivation and talent retention

· Dealing with conflicts - 3 techniques and their outcomes

· Leading generation Y & Z

· Feedback - an important tool to success

November 19th - 13-17

Session 3 Leading the team IRL and Remotely

· Building a high performing team

· The meeting - from average to best in class

· Dealing with different personalities - How to build on strengths

· Remote and/or IRL take advantage of what's available

· Practical tools and techniques


Membership price: HKD 4.500

Non-membership price: HKD 6.900

The price is for all 3 sessions and will include a Certificate on completed course.


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