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Koding Kingdom & MajorMaths offers in cooperation with SwedCham HK try-out lessons for SwedCham members and their children! Over the course of several weeks they will present 4 different lessons, two in maths and two in programming. This is the second and final online lesson in maths and it's geared towards children currently in Primary 4.

Their unique math program is based on Singapore's renowned CPA model. Students learn intuitively using application based problem sets & gamified learning.Students who have gone through our MAJOR Maths program find renewed interest in Maths but also adopt a more innovative mindset for the subject in school - leading to higher confidence and improved results. In this workshop students will cover topics on length, mass, volume of 3D figures and some gamified problem sums.


Students will be able to:

  1. Given total mass and mass relationship, find mass of one item
  2. Given initial mass and required mass, find final mass by conversion of units
  3. Given unitary volume, find total volume
  4. Calculate volume of 3D objects
  5. Given total volume and volume of one item, find difference between volumes with conversion of units


  1. Access to internet
  2. Browser (Chrome/Safari/Firefox)

Please note that after your registration you will be contacted by SwedCham to complete your registration by answering a few extra questions such as what school your child is attending and it's full name.


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